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Before your first lesson,

bring the following.

I am thrilled to guide you along your musical journey! Let's make sure you're well prepared! 



You'll need an instrument (Violin, Viola, Cello, or Bass) with its bow and case. These can be purchased or affordably rented.

Consider consulting one of the following suppliers: 

Sheet Music


If you have no prior musical experience, purchase Suzuki Method's volume 1 corresponding to your chosen musical instrument.

If you have prior musical experience, bring any music you are actively practicing. During your first lesson, it will be determined which Suzuki Method book you should purchase.

Books can be purchased through this link

Sheet Music



All bowed string instruments need rosin. 

Violin | Viola | Cello: Bernardel and Andrea Bang brands

Bass: Samuel Holstein and Nyman–Harts brands

Shoulder Rest
Violins and Violas require a should rest. The Kun brand is recommended and can be purchased at Ted Brown.

Cello Anchor
Cellos greatly benefit from a Xeros brand anchor and can be purchased at Ted Brown

Sheet Music

Note Taking

Bring a notebook and a pencil so your weekly assignments can be written down. 

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