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Important Announcement

Good morning students and families!

My wife went into early labor last night. Our new baby girl, Cora Faye Briella Rose, was born at 32 weeks but is doing great, as is my wife, Stefanie.

While I had been planning to take a two week paternity leave, Cora’s arrival was a lot sooner than my family was ready for. Not sure yet how many days I’ll be taking off yet. I’ll be canceling lessons and classes today (Tuesday, May 14th), and will be in touch about additional days or reschedules.

Tired but happy,

Elisha G. Rose

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Sandra Jech
3 days ago


Congratulations to all

Is my Wednesday canceled

3 days ago
Коментар для:

Still thinking through lesson plans, but at the moment we’re going to try having lessons as scheduled on Wednesday.


JoAnn Fitch
3 days ago

Celebrating with you! Congratulations on your new child.

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