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Meet Your Teacher

Engage Music

Music takes its admirers on a journey—a journey that will impact them now and throughout their lives. Elisha Rose embarked on this musical journey back in 2004 with his first ever music lesson. With violin and bow in hand, Elisha experienced first hand the joy of creating music. By 2006, he continued to create music now with a cello and bow in hand. By 2011, Elisha graduated with an Associates of Arts and Science in Music, and by the time 2015 rolled by, he received a Bachelor’s degree in Music Cello Proficiency. This only inspired him to pursue his Masters in Music Education which he attained in 2018. In tandem with his musical studies, Elisha took up learning the viola and bass and found opportunities to teach the violin, viola, cello, and bass. 


Encourage Listeners

Since music is a gift, it is meant to be received and given. Musical admirers receive the gift of music as they practice and give the gift of music to others as they perform. Music only has one price tag--pay it forward. Having been gifted with the gift of music, Elisha works on paying it forward to as many listeners and admirers as he is able. 


Empower Admirers

Back in 2018, Elisha founded Rose Music Studio to empower musical admirers to begin their own musical journey. Elisha provides both studio lessons and home lessons to make it convenient for his students to learn their choice stringed instrument. His purpose is to assist his students as they embark on their own musical journey, encourage them to receive the gift of music, and to share it with others. His dream is for these empowered musical admirers to go and empower other musical admirers.

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