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Rose Music Studio?

Finding the right music teacher could be a daunting task as you peruse the diverse music studios both near and far. Let's take a brief moment, to learn a bit more about Rose Music Studio. Perhaps you'll find just what you've been looking for. 

At Rose Music Studio, Elisha Rose, the founder and teacher, welcomes students to their lesson with a friendly smile . He gives honest feedback and instruction, polite constructive criticism, and maybe an occasional joke or two. Elisha's goal is to give his students a positive and fun musical experience.


Each student of Rose Music Studio will receive access to their personal Lesson Library. Here students can view their recorded lessons through a password protected page. This allows students (or their parent/guardian) to view their lessons to aid in fully comprehending their lesson content and instruction. 

Each lesson, Elisha Rose gives his students the opportunity to improvise a song of their own. Students will find their ear for music and their familiarity with the notes on their instruments. They might even surprise themselves at how fun creating music really is.

Optional Music Theory Integration: Students who enroll in the “Four, 1 Hour Weekly Lessons with Theory” package will receive music theory instruction with their lessons. As lessons progress, students will develop their musicianship by learning about the structure and order of music.

Arrangement Services: As a published arranger, I have the ability to write your favorite song(s) for your instrument. Students are encouraged to bring a list of songs they want to play to lessons, and we’ll explore the possibilities of creating an arrangement just for you. NOTE: This service is limited by copyright laws and is subjected to additional charges based on the complexity of the work.

This is just the beginning of how my music studio can help you. If you want to learn more, contact me and schedule a risk-free Audition Lesson to experience the studio first hand.

See Lesson Enrollment for more details.

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