What You Need

Before starting our first lesson, there are some items you will need. The stores and suppliers on this page support the studio in some way or form, so it's highly encouraged to purchase or rent your instrument and accessories from one of them.


Instrument (violin, viola, cello, or bass) with bow and case. These can be purchased or affordably rented. Consider consulting one of the recommended suppliers below when shopping for an instrument.


Your teacher uses the books from the Suzuki method. Beginning students should purchase book 1 in this series for their instrument. This book will not be necessary at the first lesson, but it is advised to purchase it prior to this lesson.

Students with prior experience should consult the studio before their first lesson in order to determine which book is best for them.

View the Books page under Student Resources for a complete listing of available books and recommended online stores.

Shoulder Rest

Violins and Violas require shoulder rest in order to be played. The shoulder rest must be comfortable if the student is to play properly. For this reason, your teacher recommends the Kun brand shoulder rest, which is available for both violin and viola.

Kun shoulder rest can also be found at the recommended instrument suppliers above (Ted Brown and Applebaum), and also on your teacher's purchase list at Johnson String Instrument.

The following items are not necessary for the first lesson, but they are highly recommended for continued study.

Cello Anchor

Cello endpins need to be kept secure. Sometimes even a carpeted surface doesn't provide enough texture for the end pin to hold on to. For these instances, your teacher highly recommends the Xeros Endpin Anchor for all cello students.

Cello Anchors are available at the recommended instrument suppliers above (Ted Brown and Hammond Ashley), and can also be found online at the following websites.


All bowed, strings instruments need rosin in order to produce the best sound. Many brands of rosins work just fine, but there are some that are recommended over others.

Bernardel (for violin, viola, and cello)

Andrea Bang (violin, viola, and cello)

Samuel Kolstein Bass Rosin

Nyman-Harts Bass Rosin

These brands of rosin can also be found at the recommended instrument suppliers above (Ted Brown and Applebaum), and also on your teacher's purchase list as Johnson String Instrument.



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