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Fun Focus Weeks

Hello Students and Families,

If you have a favorite song that you would love to play on your instrument, consider making it a project for a Fun Focus Week.

Fun Focus Weeks will alternate every other week with the lesson material in our Suzuki Books, Rose Music Lesson Books, or supplements. After warming up with scales (and/or recital pieces) we'll devote the rest of the lesson to a song of your choice just for fun!

Here are some selections students have done for Fun Focus Week Projects in the past.

  1. Minecraft, main theme.

  2. He's a Pirate, from Pirate of the Caribbean.

  3. Halo Theme

  4. Olivia Rodrigo Songs

  5. Beatles Songs

As you can see, there's quite a variety of songs out there to choose from. Many songs have sheet music already written for your instrument. If there is no sheet music, we can work on custom writing it for you during your Fun Focus Week lesson time. We can even rewrite the song to make it just right for your level (beginner or advance)

If you'd like to start working on a Fun Focus Week song, feel free to email me or talk to me about the song(s) you'd like to learn at your next lesson.

Elisha G. Rose


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