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New Music Classes!

Hello students and families!

I’m happy to announce two new classes that I’ll be offering as additional services from Rose Music Studio. I’d like to make these known to you first before announcing them publicly.

Chamber Music

This is a performance class where you can learn to play in a small group of musicians like a quartet or a sextet. A live performance at one of the studio’s recitals will be considered, though other venues might be possible too. This class will be open to performing both classical and contemporary pieces.

This class will be able to meet if…

  • At least four students are participating (6 maximum).

  • Participating students need to be able to play close to the same level of music.

  • An ensemble can be made with the available students. All instruments can participate; not just strings. Some instruments in standard ensembles can have different instruments substituted with them.

  • A class time where all musicians can meet can be scheduled.

This class will meet once a week to learn to play songs together. Pricing for this class will be $70 per student, per month. Class will be 45 minutes long.

If you or your student is interested, please let me know at your earliest convenience. If you know a musician outside of Rose Music Studio who would be interested, please have them fill out this Google Form to submit an audition:

Preschool Prodigies

This is a general music class designed for young preschoolers. This class will use the Preschool Prodigies curriculum, a system that uses coloring books and interactive video lessons to teach music concepts to young children (watch the video here for a demonstration of one of the lessons). In the process, children will develop their listening and motor skills through music. Children can also create music by playing along on desk bells, boom whackers, xylophone, or even an app. This class is designed for children 2-5, though some kids 2 and 3 years old may need their parents help to play along with the videos in the lessons.

Children taking this class will.

  • Be exposed to musical pitch.

  • Learn to read music.

  • Learn solfége hand signs.

  • Learn to keep a beat.

This class can be taken privately as a 30 minute, once a week lesson for $110 a month. It can also be taken as a group class for $55 per student per month. Parent participation in the class is encouraged and welcomed.

If you or someone you know are interested in this class for a little musician, reach out to me at


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