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Recital Procedures

Hello Students and Families!

Our recital is coming up soon. Here are some important details and recital procedures to review.

1. What to bring.

a. Yourself

b. Your Instrument

c. Your Sheet Music

d. Cookies to share at the reception


2. When.

Satureday, May 11

Arrive by 1:30pm.

Recital starts at 2:00pm

3. How to Dress: Come dressed to perform. No active sportswear like tee-shirts and

shorts. If you would like to dress in accordance to a theme for your recital piece, please

check with me at your next lesson.

3. Where

4. Be ready. No one likes a long recital, so let’s keep moving purposefully and quickly.

a. Have your instrument and sheet music ready while you wait for the performer in

before you to play their song.

b. Start walking up to the platform as soon as the performer in front of you has

finished their song and the audience starts clapping. Do not wait for the audience

to stop clapping before you walk up.

c. When you have finished performing your song, stand up and bow to your

audience before taking your sheet music and instrument back to your chair.

This is going to be a fun recital! Looking forward to seeing and hearing everyone perform.

Elisha G. Rose


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