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Summer Term

Good morning Students and Families!

We're more than halfway through the Spring Term with only two months left. If you plan to take lessons during the summer, consider a Summer Term Enrollment. By paying in advance for the whole summer, you can customize a schedule around your summer vacation plans. The Summer Term is from June 1st through August 31st of 2023. Tuition is charged by the number of lessons you schedule, and you must schedule at least eight lessons. See rates below.

Level 1: $27.00 per 30 Minute Lesson.

$33.25 per 45 Minute Lesson.

Level 2: $33.25 per 45 Minute Lesson.

Level 3: $35.63 per 45 Minute Lesson.

(includes Music Theory supplement)

Level 4: $39.19 per 60 Minute Lesson.

Level 5: $42.75 per 60 Minute Lesson.


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